Head back to school with Shoparoo, the app that makes school fundraising fun and hassle-free! No more selling wrapping paper or candy door-to-door, no more meticulously cutting labels for hours, and no more money out of your own pocket. Just snap pictures of your everyday receipts for real cash donations from Shoparoo directly to the school of your choice.

Shoparoo works in three simple steps:


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What type of receipts count?

Snap pictures of your receipts from any store, big or small, that primarily sell food, health or beauty items to earn Roo Points (cash donations) for our school. Whether you’re shopping at a supercenter, dollar store, or local convenience store – it doesn’t matter where you shop or what items you buy – Shoparoo will make a cash donation for every receipt!

Here are some examples of retailers which reward points:

Sweepstakes Entries

Snap pictures of all your other receipts to earn entries for your school into Shoparoo’s $1,000 monthly sweepstakes and $15,000 yearly sweepstakes! Each receipt counts as an entry into both monthly and yearly sweepstakes – the more receipts you submit, the greater your school’s chance is of winning.

Here are some examples of stores that qualify for sweepstakes entries:

Imagine if taking 30 seconds to snap a picture of your receipt from dinner at your favorite local restaurant could result in our school receiving a $15,000 check. Every month Shoparoo will be drawing one lucky school to win Shoparoo’s $1,000 sweepstakes, as well as four schools at the end of the year to win up to $15,000! To enter SKD into all sweepstakes, simply submit receipts from restaurants and non-grocery retailers. Increase our school’s chance of winning by encouraging your friends and family to do the same.

Double your earning!

Don’t forget to use SCRIP when you shop to earn money to support your parish and help pay your tuition! After you pay, snap  your receipt on shoparoo to earn even more!

Raising Money & School Spirit

School fundraising shouldn’t just be easy, it should be fun. Now teachers, students and parents can easily track their grade’s progress on the Grade Competition Leaderboard in the Shoparoo app!



Frequently Asked Questions:

How much money can we earn with Shoparoo?

There is no limit to how much a school can earn with Shoparoo – schools with just 40 active supporters are earning around $1,000 every year! The key is to spread the word to get as many parents, grandparents and teachers on board as  we can. Over 10,000 schools across the U.S. are earning hassle-free donations from Shoparoo every year, and we can join them!

How is Shoparoo different from other school fundraising programs?

With Shoparoo, there’s nothing to buy, sell, collect, count or mail-in. No labor-intensive coordinating for parents or the PTA/PTO. No sending kids selling candy bars door to door. Earn donations for receipts from any store, for any product. It is truly easy, free fundraising!

Where does the information from the receipts go? Is Shoparoo safe?

Shoparoo is 100% safe. The information from all Shoparoo users’ receipts is made completely anonymous and used in market research reports. Shoparoo does not request personal information such as credit card numbers or phone numbers. (Retailer receipts already mask this information.)

How can Shoparoo afford to make these donations? Is it a scam?

Shoparoo was created by former teachers and retail industry executives who found a cool way of matching schools’ need for financial support with major brands’ need for market research. Big companies pay Shoparoo for these reports, and that’s how they are able to pass these earningson to schools.

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