The most fantastic magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish.


Teachers are some of the most generous people out there.Their financial resources are scarce for purchasing essential tools for their classrooms. Aside from dedicating their time and talents to our school, they often find themselves digging into their own pockets to buy items they need for their classrooms.
If you would like to donate to a teacher or a program, please follow the links below to see some items they are in need of. We so appreciate any item you can donate to our classrooms, whether big or small. If you are able to donate an item, you can order the item on Amazon or find the same item elsewhere. It is up to you!  Just click on the link below your teacher’s name to see the wishlist. Again, thank you for all of your generosity!

St. Katharine Drexel School Wish List

As we grow as a school community, we are always expanding programs, adding clubs, updating technology, and more! Our school wish list includes items to help us improve these programs. Please consider donating an item from our list below! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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Grant a Teacher's Wish!

Select a teacher to view their wish list.

Mrs. Kathy McVeigh (2)

Mrs. Kathy McVeigh

Pre-K 3 Teacher
Mrs. Susan Heston (2)

Mrs. Sue Heston

Pre-K 4 Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer Horm (2)

Mrs. Jennifer Horn

Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Katrine Culhane (2)

Ms. Katrina Culhane

Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Christina Wall (3)

Mrs. Christina Wall

Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Stacey Desmond (2)

Mrs. Stacey Desmond

First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Donna Cochran (2)

Mrs. Donna Cochran

First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Denise Larner (2)

Mrs. Denise Larner

Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Elizabeth Menna (2)

Ms. Elizabeth Menna

Second Grade Teacher
Mrs. Jessica McDonald (2)

Mrs. Jessica McDonald

Third Grade Teacher
Mrs. Carol Burns (2)

Mrs. Carol Burns

Third Grade Teacher
Mr. James Fleming (2)

Mr. James Fleming

Fourth Grade Teacher
Mrs. Rosalie Curran (2)

Mrs. Roe Curran

4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Diana Abrams (2)

Mrs. Diana Abrams

5th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Elise Romano (2)

Mrs. Elise Romano

5th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Mary Banas (2)

Mrs. Mary Banas

6th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Mary Beth Flatley (2)

Mrs. Mary Beth Flatley

6th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Alice O’Brien (2)

Mrs. Alice O’Brien

7th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Diane Reese (2)

Mrs. Diane Reese

7th Grade Teacher
Ms. Ellen Vondercrone (2)

Ms. Ellen Vondercrone

8th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Karen Dorneman (2)

Mrs. Karen Dorneman

8th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Ann Parisian (2)

Mrs. Ann Parisian

Mrs. Lisa Quaranto (2)

Mrs. Lisa Quaranto

Mr. Timothy McWilliams (2)

Mr. Timothy McWilliams

Mr. Bill LaRosa (2)

Mr. Bill LaRosa

Ms. Debora Kellander (2)

Señora Debora Kellander


Mr. Sonny Facenda

Music & Band Instructor
Mrs. Sandi McDevitt (2)

Mrs. Sandra McDevitt


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